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A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills.

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original title: Beverly Hills Cop

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime


imdb: 6.5

duration: 1h 45min

tags: The Heat Is On!

budget: $14,000,000

keywords: murder, drugs, policeshootout, drugdealer, policebrutality, death, profanity, violence, drunkenness, shootout, drugsmuggling, stripclub, cocaine, thrownthroughawindow, stripper, deathoffriend, police,

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A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills. Axel Foley is a Detroit cop who after the murder of his friend travels to California to investigate and track down the killer, who he believes operate an arts dealership as a cover in Beverly Hills. He teams up with two reluctant detectives from the Beverly Hills police force who were supposed to keep a watch on him, especially after seeing Foley's different approach to tackling the situations which is not acceptable by the chief of the local police. Do you love the 80's? Good. Eddie Murphy plays Alex Foley, a cop from Detroit, whose friend is murdered in Beverly Hills. He then goes to Beverly Hills and sets out to solve the crime without his boss knowing about it. He tells people he is on vacation.

Beverly Hills Cop is a good action-comedy classic that is a must-see. The movie was awarded the People's Choice Award for Favourite Motion Picture and stuntman Eddy Donno was awarded Best Vehicular Stunt (Feature Film) of the Stuntman Awards (1985). Cast includes Murphy, Judge Reinhold as Billy Rosewood, John Ashton (Sergeant John Taggart), Lisa Eilbacher as Jenny and Ronny Cox as Lt. Andrew Bogomil. Beverly Hills Cop led to 2 more sequels and it is said there is a fourth one in the works as of the writing of this review. Beverly Hills Cop is directed by American screenwriter, producer and film director Martin Brest, which was the big one for Brest as well. Murphy is funny and entertaining in Beverly Hills Cop and he and Reinhold make this movie a huge hit. For you 80's fans, you'll enjoy the 80's styled music and overall feel of this movie. Yes, it's violent, but it is also a very entertaining funny film as well.

There have still not been many Murphy films that live up to this one. Judge Reinhold(also in the follow ups) aldo puts in what is still probably his best on screen performance to date.

Action, Laughs, Guns and tension, extremely good watch.

9/10. In Hollywood terms, Beverly Hills Cop harks back to the semi- good old days, to the studio era when stars were not always relied on to fix everything - this is unquestionably a star vehicle, but the star, an employee of his own production company, has been smart enough to surround himself with other, by no means lesser lights. [4 Dec. 1984]


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